Robert K. Dornan

Protecting the Environment

Bob Dornan is not only concerned about America’s spiritual beauty, but her physical beauty as well. That is why he has been a leader in protecting our environment. Indeed, he sponsored some of the toughest bills in Congress to protect the environment.

Dornan introduced and supported legislation to protect Peregrine Falcons, California Condors, Blue Whales, North Pacific Fur Seals, and Canadian Baby Harp Seals. These animals were in grave danger but, thanks in part to Bob’s efforts, are mounting a comeback. No wonder Dornan has received numerous awards from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

When the federal government was considering plans to drill for oil off the California coast, Bob Dornan saw the potential dangers posed by oil drilling in what is literally the "swimming pool" of Southern California. Bob knew that the risks far outweighed the benefits, so he formed the "Save Our Bay Committee" to have the drilling plan killed. He won. That’s Bob Dornan fighting for all of us.


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