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Updated: February 6, 2004

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Robert K. Dornan

Why Am I Running?

For Two Major Reasons:

1) The War on Terrorism
2) Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's extremist contact, money and continuing defense of terrorist fundraisers.

The First Reason

On a clear, beautiful September morning in 2001 our American family was savagely attacked by Islamic assassins murdering thousands of us…parents embracing their children on airlines, young stewardesses cut down while blocking cockpit doors, pilots slashed while strapped helpless in their seats, thousands of citizens just like us at work sipping their first coffee burned alive then crushed or vaporized with 415 incredibly brave rescuers slaughtered trying to reach the unreachable victims.

Those heroes sacrificed their lives while "in uniform" just like our military heroes in the Middle East today and for months to come. All of us, or at least most of us, felt on September 11, 2001 that our lives had changed forever. A resolute President Bush forcefully proclaimed that we were fully engaged in a "War on Terror". How soon some have forgotten all that "worse then Pearl Harbor" horror. I was hosting my live national program that painful morning reporting every terror strike as they happened.

It's all burned in my memory; that evening a deep desire to "go back on active duty". To me, Congress was a form of active duty for those beyond youthful military years. I discussed with my wife Sallie running in a primary election in March 5th, 2002, but it was too soon to prepare a campaign. We looked forward to March 2nd, 2004.

My unique military and intelligence background (22 ½ years of U.S. Air Force active/reserve service and eight years on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee) make me perfectly qualified to serve my country and you again in this treacherous, no end in sight war on terror.

For over thousand years marauding Islamic warriors tried to conquer the known world. Then in 1683 A.D. after a two month siege of Vienna with the conquest of all Europe in the balance, Polish Calvary led by a 72 year old prince destroyed the Muslim forces on "September 11th". Osama picked that very date to strike America 318 years later. For three centuries the Muslim's assaults were bloody but confined to piracy, the Balkans and genocide of 1,500,000 Armenians while Europe typically turned its back. Now starting in the 1980's with increasing ferocity the dark side of Islamic expansionism has returned with a jealous vengeance and gone inter-continental. I understand this history unlike a single sitting member of Congress, especially the "useful idiots". I'm prepared to serve without salary.

Reason #2: Cong. Dana Rohrabacher's Islamic Apologia

My nationally syndicated radio show contract precluded my declaring for Congress in late 2001 so we began to plan for December 2003. For years I had observed Rohrabacher moving deeper and deeper into radical Islamic intrigue. After accepting over $34,000 in easy campaign money Dana began to make a historically dishonest and unfair moral equivalency argument against Israel and against American scholars trying to educate the Bush Administration on Muslim conquests.

Dana began making illegal, non-diplomatic contacts with terrorist front men and finally with the Taliban foreign minister earning a severe rebuke from the State Department Intelligence operatives for "meddling in U.S. foreign policy". Unprecedented criticism for a sitting member of Congress. Dana's Arabic friends when away from him (we hope) were constantly spewing Hitler venom at Israel and their American protectors. Then came the May 2, 2002 "Alan Keyes Show". It was a stunning eye opener on how far Dana had drifted under Islamic influence. Study these excerpts: "…the Israelis have committed acts of slaughtering innocent people".