Bob Dornan Gallery

Here are some images of the former congressman. Double click the thumbnails below to view the image in full scale. 

Just below is a very rare photograph of Mr. Dornan in 1957 with his F-100 with his name on the side. He was 25 at the time. Next to it is a close up of the young "Capt. Bob Dornan." Finally there's another close up of Mr. Dornan by the F-100.


  A post Korean War pilot in U.S. Air Base, Bob Dornan flew with the worlds first supersonic fighter wing, 1956-58. To the right, on 23 Feb 1960, Bob Dornan climbs out of rescue helicopter after surviving an emergency F86 Sabrejet ejection over the Pacific Ocean. The "Guardian Angel" chopper miraculously showed up six miles at sea. "It was over," Bob says, "I was literally under the water. I had no "Mae West" life preserver."   


Feb 1973, Travis AFB, CA. An emotional reunion, Bob welcomes back to American soil, his  former Squadron CO, legendary POW hero and Korean fighter ace, Colonel Robbie Risner. Bob is presenting to his friend (a horribly tortured 7 1/2 years Hanoi POW) a POW bracelet worn by Bob for three years.

1969, Biafra, Africa, Dornan (far left, cargo door) served as loadmaster on 12 Red Cross humanitarian mission to deliver aid to starving African children


Capt. Robert K. Dornan thirteen years before his first congressional victory. Bob was proud to march with Rev. King and often quotes, what counts is "the content of [your] character."

Don, Bob, and Dick after Bob's P-38 flight on his 61st birthday

8 Feb 1982, SR-71 Blackbird, Sallie greets Bob after "the greatest flight of my life." 82,000+ feet at three times the speed of sound. (Sallie, as always, at Bob's side)

To the right, (as always), "Baby B-1" on his first birthday. Across, Baby B-1's first step. 

Bob Dornan's first real job. Furnace Installer, age 14. 

The Dornan Shield, for Faith, Family, and Freedom